What Sets Us Apart

Our holistic business experience coupled with an unparalleled depth of domain expertise, agility and focus on results, applied in a risk managed framework sets the value that Synergetics Group delivers far ahead of the completion.

  • Experience is having done, not saying what you can do. Synergetics Group brings an industry-leading group of recognized senior management and professional talent to address client problems effectively and efficiently.
  • Expertise is delivered across a broad range of business and technical domains by professionally recognized senior business advisors and consultants who have the benefit of successfully practicing their craft over decades across a broad range of business operations, projects and solution developments.
  • Agility we are a small but active group that responds quickly to client needs with a depth of capability, capacity and quality that is unmatched across the domains in which we are active.
  • Focus is on results for our clients and team members, Synergetics Group employs professional project management and systems engineering practice to ensure the scope of the problem is defined and process towards the objective is consistently gauged through professional performance measurement.
  • Risk is consistently evaluated along with opportunity, measured and proactively managed. Synergetics Group experience and broad domain knowledge means there are few risks that our principals or senior associates has not previously encountered and successfully addressed.
  • Value is at the forefront of every thing we do. Our experience avoids costly mistakes and a low overhead structure means we can deliver more for less.
  • Delivery on time and on budget is assured with a the Synergetics Group standard operating framework, our holistic perspective, insight, innovation, domain knowledge, project performance measures and proactive risk management practices.
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