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Earth's Geophysical Pole Shift Is Affecting Weather, Researcher Affirms

In these last days, we have experienced a series of shocking catastrophees that we had rarely witnessed in the past: scary earthquakes and tsunamis, volcanoes erupting, strong heatwaves and many other natural disasters. This has caused havoc among the scientific community, which has started to analyse the causes of these phenomena.

One of the most popular theories nowadays is what has been called the Geophysical Pole Shift theory.  According to writer and researcher Angellica Goodson, “our Earth has been wobbling around like a top as the locations of Geophysical and Magnetic North change”.

“Take your globe or a picture of the side of the Earth where North America and South America sits and tip it to the left 26 degrees. This will show you the direction the current Geophysical Pole shift is moving today. Europe will move north into the Arctic Region while North America will move south towards the Equator”, she stated. “The Geophysical Pole shift had not followed the Magnetic Pole shift it until recently, when the Earth began to roll. The Earth’s orbit slowed down and then it started to roll in the direction of Magnetic North”, she added.

Ms Goodson explained that a traditional reference in the sky like the North Star now does not show the actual North. “Today the North Star is not above the Geophysical North Pole because the Earth has been off kilter. The Earth is now rolling to the left. Geographical North is now moving to Due North towards the actual location of Magnetic North”, she asserted. “The movement is dragging Europe and Africa north, while North America and South America are moving south”, she continued.

“Europe is becoming colder with snow being reported as far south as Rome. This is happening because the Geophysical Pole shift is slowly dragging Europe and Africa north”, the researcher affirmed. “I have been tracking the movement of the Earth now for a couple of years because of the weather pattern changes and because of the fear of the Geophysical Pole shift we are currently experiencing”, she added.

Draw your own conclusions…

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