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Ottawa Mayoral Candidate Clive Doucet Intends to Be Known as the Mayor That Smiles

Candidate for mayor, Clive Doucet wants everyone to know that’s he is in the mayoral race for either all or nothing. “I am running to win and if I sense after two or three weeks that I’m not going to win, I won’t do it. I don’t think it is fair to ask people to support you with money, time and effort just to be part of the conversation,” he said while speaking to Ottawanews. “That’s a noble democratic thing to do but it is not enough. I have no intention of staying in a race I can’t win.”

When asked what makes him think he can win after losing against same opponent in the last elections, he says about opponent same Jim Watson?

“He is a Leviathan.”

Doucet had in 2010, ran for Mayor against Jim Watson and then-incumbent mayor Larry O’Brien.Doucet joined other 115 candidates who ran for municipal office in 2010, of which 15 actually went up against mayoral incumbent Larry O'Brien.  Doucet came third in the race with 15 per cent of the vote. The now 72 year old politician blames his 2010 loss on desperation, asserting that in this race, he is out to win it with calmness and a sense of purpose.

“The difference between now and the last time is that it is just the two of us. I am calmer, and I have a lot more humour.  I am going to campaign with a lot of fun,” Doucet says to Ottawa News. “I want to be a mayor that smiles have a council that smiles and is not afraid to express itself. I want to bring democracy to city hall.”

Some of the issues he ran on in 2010 include arts and culture, affordable housing, community planning and now; civic democracy and Doucet still remains passionate about these issues. He claims that his planfor the city would be released soon.

Doucet, a four-term Ottawa City councilloris a passionate urbanist, author, and athlete.In his campaign website, Clive for Mayor, his life is described as one “all about cities: how they work; what people need from them; and how to make them better.”He was the leading advocate of a city-wide light rail system and co-founder of Ottawa’s O-Train. The politician is also an author of memoirs, novels, and poetry. His book on cities, Urban Meltdown: Cities, Climate Change, and Politics as Usual were shortlisted for the Shaughnessey Cohen Award for political writing.

Doucet claims he had not originally intended to run for mayor, “I am basically a retired guy with very few resources and I had to think of that,” he said in the interview. His running for mayor was inspired when school board trustee Shawn Menard, who is running in Capital ward, refused to run for mayor, he claims that when Menard declined and no other reliable candidates were forth coming, he just had no choice but to run.