Senior Management Advisors

Synergetics Group provides high value advice to senior management teams and boards to assist them in identifying and resolving complex business issues. Senior management advisors are selected from the most senior and most appropriately skilled members of Synergetics Group principals and associates who bring 20 or more years of senior management experience and key expertise from roles in Government and Fortune 500 organizations.

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the excellent return on investment that interim executive managers bring. Interim managers are an effective channel for clients to rapidly apply senior leadership talent to address issues requiring immediate senior or specialist expertise without the delays and costs associated with senior recruitment and establishment of local operations.

Synergetics Group interim managers have board level, senior management or equivalent level experience leading organizations through challenging business restructure, projects, technical and operational issues. They bring holistic perspective, experience, bandwidth and highly developed leadership skills to quickly appreciate the customers need, grasp the situation, develop and plan strategy, communicate the vision of success and motivate teams into action, providing them with valuable mentorship and the tools to succeed.

Synergetics senior management advisors provide:

  • Strategic Planning Services
  • Business Development Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Proposal Development Services
  • Teaming Assessments
  • Business Transformation Support
  • Leadership Development Support
  • Project and Performance Management Services